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If you are ready to have TEKS-based practice tests and automatic grading capabilities at your fingertips, the Teach BIG Online Assessment Platform is for YOU!

We know you have been looking for a place that has TEKS-based passages so that your students can experience all the different question types WITH all the new interactive testing tools found on the STAAR test!

All Teach BIG passages are NEW and center around Science, Social Studies, or Fine Arts TEKS. Now all of your cross-curricular and practice “at-bats” can be found in one easy-to-navigate application.

You will also fall in love with the online Interactive DAILY Lesson Plans and the Video Virtual Courses! Who wouldn’t LOVE to have an “assistant” teacher in the room helping teach grammar rules via video?

Join all of that greatness with a ton of teacher and student resources.

For teachers: Teach BIG offers TEKS correlations for every passage and every question, detailed answer keys complete with distractors noted, passage information breakdowns, and parent letters. Enjoy the automatic grading and automatic TEKS study groups with just a simple click of a button!

For students: Teach BIG offers eight new practice passages on the first of every month. All passages are grade level and exile level specific. The passages also provide the experience for students to navigate and use the tools that they will also have available on the STAAR assessment. Exposure to all of the new question styles and answer choice distractors provide valuable at bats for students throughout the school year. Students will also enjoy the highlighting capabilities, text to speech capabilities, note taking capabilities, and answer choice eliminating capabilities.

Accommodations are also available for students as the school and teacher sees fit.

We have even designed TEKS posters and academic vocabulary flashcards for you to print and display in your classroom!

Click on the button below to view the details for each of the ABC subscription levels see which level is best for you and your students.

Please keep in mind that the Teach BIG Online Assessment Platform is designed for small, medium, and large-scale implementation. A single teacher, a school, or an entire district can subscribe to get the full benefits of being data-driven!